Summer School 2018 — Tribology Today

German–French–Moroccan Summer School 2018
Tribology Today — From Research Labs to Industry

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Being the science of interface interactions, tribology is always involved when two objects are interacting and thus addresses an incredible vast variety of questions, ranging from friction and energy efficiency over wear and vibrations to tribo-chemistry and bio-compatibility. Consequently, this inherently interdisciplinary field of science may be considered as one of the major contributors to save our environment by increasing energy efficiency and reducing the consumption of resources. Furthermore, tribology is becoming more and more important in the context of bio-medical applications as well as in everyday live.

The proposed summer school intends to give a comprehensive introduction to phenomena, state-of-the-art modeling and analysis of contact tribology in terms of an interdisciplinary approach with a special emphasis on multi-scale aspects which are inherent to tribological problems. The lectures are intended to present relevant facts, phenomena and methods in a concise way, with the aim of giving an overview of the topic as well as delivering the core ideas of significant fields within tribology. The entire course will give an overview of the accepted state-of-the art knowledge and future trends and will target in-detail discussions on the specific areas of tribology. However it is not intended to be a forum for discussions of recent scientific findings.

In doing so, the focus will be set on physics and methodology, but also numerical aspects will be discussed in a survey-like, introductory manner. In order to make the entire course accessible for people with different levels of background knowledge, the contents will be arranged according to an overall didactical concept. The basis will be one day of general introduction into key questions, common phenomena and fundamental concepts of tribology: this part will be given by experts from academia as well as from industry in order to give a broad complementary multifaceted overview.

Beyond the presentation of scientific contents, an important goal of this summer school is bringing together young researchers and established scientists from France and Germany in order to intensify already existing relations and build new bridges.